Seeing the latest pictures in Superyacht Times of the charred remains of Carinthia VI ( or, more accurately ” The One ” ) is still an upsetting experience, though not quite as bad as the day she actually caught fire and grainy iPhone videos gradually started appearing online.

Carinthia V met a watery fate ; her successor a fiery one. That doesn’t really seem fair. It’s worth recounting ( for those who don’t know ) that Bannenberg Snr designed the almost identical Carinthia V which sank on her maiden voyage to the Greek Islands – striking rocks and sinking quite rapidly. The story goes that her Captain struggled ashore and managed to call the owner to convey the bad news. It must have been an awkward conversation. Less awkward was the owner calling Jon and telling him to go ahead with her replacement. Now we just need someone to rebuild Carinthia VI, rather as you would do with a famous racing car that came to grief on a tricky corner. We have plenty of info in our archive, but here’s a new render to remind you how she should look.