Lady Petra

We recently returned from the Monaco Show where Lady Petra was berthed, with Emperor Frans I of Oss receiving guests on board. We last saw him on the Friday evening, at the centre of a distinguished gathering on the Bridge Deck, tasting fine Cognac.Some weeks previously, Lady Petra had been in Montenegro where Superyacht Media made this film:

Proving his all round versatility, Frans was also in attendance there and, by all accounts, spent some time in the Director’s chair.

With thanks to the teams at Heesen Yachts and Superyacht Media


After failing to make the cut for the Bannenberg old boys love-in a few months ago, Martin Redmayne kindly offered me the olive branch of joining the bright young things team, along with Messrs Harrison, Hoekstra, Oeino and Pastrovich. Narrowing the topic for discussion to merely “The Future of Yacht Design”, Martin gamely tried to get the gang to spot the trends for the future. To his undoubted chagrin, we collectively managed about one and a half suggestions between us, one of which was “bigger yachts”.The point being, trends are pretty hard to divine with the inherent individuality of a yacht owner. As someone smart in the audience observed, it’s easier to spot these so-called trends by looking backwards a few years later, which all sounds a bit space-time continuum.TrendingUndaunted, Martin flushed out a final prediction for the future out of all of us, the most pleasing of which was Stefano’s hunch that all yachts will lose a deck, probably the “last” one.So, I am not 100% certain if the audience felt suitably enlightened. It was a fun evening though. In contrast to the Bannenberg old boys, we did not swig Bollinger on stage as we pontificated about the yachting world, so there is the Future of Yacht Design. No Champagne.As per my earlier post on the subject of colour, it was also clear that Mr Hoekstra has a fearless relationship with the colour purple. And maybe velvet too.

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