COLOUR BY DAVID HICKS ( and brokers..)

I read a nice piece by India Hicks the other day in Finch’s Quarterly about her father David ( incidentally a very good friend of my Dad ). She was writing about his bold use of colour and described what she called “his fearless relationship with pink, scarlet and orange”. This photo of one of his rooms would seem to validate that. He also once drove his Land Rover through a field of daffodils as they were the wrong shade of yellow. This seems to us entirely admirable and we are currently looking for similar targets, though we are all too urban to own a Land Rover.* Correction. Mr Rowell does own a Land Rover Discovery but it has no traces of mud or crushed daffodil, merely Promemoria catalogues and books about obscure mid-century designers.HicksIn fact, in our studio, there are a number of banned colours : at the top of the list is what Bannenberg Snr used to call Barclays Bank blue. I owe it as a matter of honour to him to continue this tonal fatwa. Mr Rowell also has a difficult relationship with members of the coral family and only consented to allow this shade on a couple of scatter cushions under some duress from a Client.This made me think about the protracted, and often brutal, battles for the colour spectrum waged by various brokerage houses in recent years. Some years back Edmiston carried out a preemptive strike for the colour red. Escalation soon followed when YCO annexed yellow and Burgess marched into turquoise which offered little resistance. Yacht Zoo grabbed black, C&N adopted a strategy of divide and rule by controlling two shades of blue. Ocean Independence mounted a long and demanding expedition to the furthest reaches of the colour spectrum and returned with shades new to the human eye.


TalithaYou have to hand it to the Captain and crew of Talitha when it comes to doing their bit for Jubilee spirit and all that. Eschewing the easy option of a bit of bunting or a poster, they settled for a discreet ( only about 2 metres across ) and tastefully desaturated Union flag painted on the top of the forward funnel, visible only to¬† passing birds and photographers in light aircraft ( thank you Shelley Barron ).Talitha’s funnels have an interesting history all of their own. During her rebuild at Devonport in the mid 1990s, Bannenberg Snr drew two funnels to replace the single original on Jezebel as she was previously.The dimensions of the aft one ( and therefore both ) were set by the Jodrell Bank-sized satellite dish which was the cutting edge in those days. The forward funnel hid ( and still does ) the main generator exhausts as well as the radar array, and Devonport had to construct the funnels with this radar transparency in mind.So handsome were these funnels that Vogue commissioned a photo shoot by the renowned Koto Bolofo and here you can see a model dressed for everyday life on board, down to 7″ heels and a ricepaper parasol.Fast forward a few years and the funnels needed to be replaced, so the opportunity was taken to put them on a diet and a pair of slightly leaner ones were put in place, taking advantage of less massive satellite dish requirements. There was still room, however, for the Captain’s bag of golf clubs. Or so I am told.