Enough already. First Azteca, then Highlander. Now G Whiz. We’ve had enough of these ground-breaking Bannenberg yachts coming up for sale and priced, how shall we say, competitively.

According to the ad in October’s BI ( rent-a-jet.de), G Whiz can be yours for € 1,350,000.  The same as a two bedroom flat in South West London. Or a not-particularly-grand house in France. But considerably faster I grant you. We will look hard down the back of the Bannenberg & Rowell sofa to see what spare change we can find, having used the last lot of change to fix up the famous coffee machine. But if we can’t find the cash, someone really must. Yes we know that fuel costs will be scary and you need to be on friendly terms with an MTU engineer, but you get a marine Concorde, barrelling along at 45 knots ( depending on conditions, fuel load, the value of your investment can go down as well as up etc etc ). And there was a fabulous lightweight ( but not light quality ) interior by Metrica and, as I recall, an extra few kilos shaved off by giving the crew stainless steel WCs instead of ceramic. Every little helps.

I’m not sure if it still survives but the wheelhouse was to a groovy design by Mr Jonathan Barnett, formerly of this parish, now of Seattle,  including some prototype Italian helm / racing chairs which actually power- gripped you in an authoritative / tender way whether you liked it or not.

She emerged out of Brooke Yachts in Lowestoft during their heydey, along with Stefaren and Beaupré. Quite a trio.

So someone, please, buy her and race around from bay to bay and port to port. And all for less than a Bugatti Veyron which can’t sleep seven when I last looked.