Gale speaker chick thirds

Here’s something I overlooked for my recent book on Bannenberg Snr. He designed some speakers for Gale – the British speaker manufacturer – which were simply black mesh boxes with big chunky caps of polished stainless steel. That may or may not be Raquel Welch in a spray-on outfit modelling them : the same Raquel Welch who wore a two-piece deerskin bikini in One Million Years B.C.

Anyway, thinking back, I  can remember them in his office at home. They weighed an absolute ton, but looked amazing and would blow the windows out if you went anywhere near max volume.

I am indebted to Mr Angus Gibson for jogging my memory on this. Angus, as far as I can tell, roamed the clubs and discotheques of Chelsea in those days ( and may still ) in a haze of smoke and purple velvet tailoring. Before he sets his libel lawyer on me, let me clarify that it was in a professional music making capacity rather then general loucheness. In a nod to those 70s solid state days he has called his new venture Symm Electronics which conjures up visions of resistors and diodes rather pleasingly.

We would like to see more in-your-face speakers on our projects : the oh-so-discreet flush speakers are sometimes just too neat and tasteful. Please – let’s have some massive floor-mounted numbers capable of causing structural damage, or at least minor discomfort. Angus put some of those at our project in the Old Rectory in Chelsea ( see – I told you Angus only does SW3 ) and I think you could have bought a very well-spec’d BMW for the same money. They were peerless though.

The Owner of Pacific ( our 85m project at Lurssen a few years back ) did, I’m pleased to report, have a weapons-grade turntable which required a man in white cotton gloves to set it up. Proper high fidelity.