muscat barr al jissah

If we’d asked anyone, I’m sure they would have told us that it was going to be a shock to the system for us Wandsworth Bridge Road types to leave Fulham and make a trip to Oman. And so it proved : 42 degrees C, or something above 100 degrees F in old money. But we made it to Muscat, and then onwards via a twisty coastal road to Barr Al Jissah where we are designing a range of Limited Edition townhomes for the destinationĀ there. Mr Fraser initially spontaneously melted ( better than combusting I suppose ) but adapted very quickly and we were able to appreciate a special place : tucked in amongst the Al Hajar mountains with uninterrupted views over the Gulf of Oman. It is our happy privilege to bring our yachting perspective to the site.

Even after less than 24 hours there, it was clear why they labelled it “A Place Forever”. Serene, rugged and luxurious. Just our kind of thing. And, for good measure, our journey back to the airport was made substantially easier by one of the Bentleys which purr around Barr Al Jissah. With a few hours before our flight, the souq required a visit. We bought the following :

  • Quantity of frankincense ( first quality ) with a charcoal brazier
  • A dagger, or more correctly, a Khanjar. Skillfully, I believe I left the merchant having offered him more than the asking price
  • A big bag of dates

As you can tell, I am a believer in bringing back something authentic and local; air-conditioned ice rinks and luxury boutiques having minimal appeal. It was only when I proudly demonstrated the frankincense to the studio, and the smoke alarm went off, that I realised that some things don’t travel so well.

Work at Barr Al Jissah will continue over the coming months and we look forward to the first house being completed early next year.

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693 board 001a

We realised when updating this sample board that, fresh from trips to New York, Hong Kong and several to Amsterdam, it has become a Silver BA Executive member in its own right. Probably quite fitting given the nice silvery Texalium panel.

We will shortly update its profile on the BA website so it gets allocated the window seat it prefers, not to mention the low-sodium meal.

It’s a reminder that there’s still no substitute for a board of actual finishes for clients to look at and feel and touch, even though the larger marble samples are sometimes a pain in the neck. Literally.

They usually make it past airport security, there being no recent instances of flight crew having been disabled with a piece of White Stained Walnut. Which is more than can be said for Mr Fraser’s favourite tape measure which was confiscated in MuscatĀ airport lest he measure someone up in a threatening manner. Or, even more mysteriously, my roll of Bannenberg & Rowell tape which was seized at Eindhoven airport in case I taped up a pilot with branded material.